Dr. Easter Yassa, Psychologist

Dr. Easter Yassa is a Ph.D. level Registered Psychologist in private practice offering counselling and psychotherapy to young adults, adults and seniors in Alberta regarding anxiety, self-doubt, trauma, infertility and meaningful living. Dr. Easter is the founder of the non-profit World In Wonder, Integrity & Kindness (WIWIK) Mental Wellness Foundation, focused on finding creative ways to de-stigmatize and make accessible mental health for all. She has experience working in a variety of clinical settings including non-profit organizations, university counselling clinics, and outpatient hospital wards. Dr. Yassa has also taught at a university level both undergraduate and graduate level courses in Psychology, Educational Psychology, Counselling Psychology, and Patient-centred Medical Care. 

Official non-profit corporation application has been filed and is currently pending approval by the Alberta government.


World in Wonder, Integrity & Kindness (WIWIK) Mental Wellness Foundation


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